Waist Training 101

If you currently enjoying a gym membership-would you expect their personal trainers to know when you achieve your fitness goals? Of course not! The act of purchasing a gym membership does not guarantee anything. As with most things, it all hangs off on your individual input. How many hours a week will you work out? Will you adapt healthier eating habits? How rigorous will your workouts be? How consistent will your workouts be? Will your family genetics help or hinder your progress?

You can see how quickly each of these variables will affect your individual timeline. The same is true for waist training. How many hours a day will you wear your waist trainer (this can range from just a few hours up to 15 hours per day)? How many days each week? Do you plan to incorporate diet and/or exercise into your waist training programme (as opposed to just the body modification aspect of waist training)? Will your genetics help or hinder your progress?

In short, there is no “average” time it takes to see results but we have noticed best results from it while adopting healthier eating habits coupled with your training. We hear from customers who lose a 3cm the first week (out of their trainer), I would not consider this average but it happens often enough to not be a fluke. Others find it takes weeks to notice even a small difference outside of their trainer. Everyone is different and so are our bodies. Remember that. It is important to remember that even once you reach your goal, maintenance waist training is necessary to keep your new curves (for most people anyway).

This is not a sprint.

It takes time and dedication to achieve lasting results-like all good things in life!

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